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Gianna Callioni

Alice Has a New Wonderland

3 min read

The Matriarch makes you feel like you’ve walked into Wonderland and that every element has been included purely for your pleasure.

Step through delicate wrought iron gates and into a world of chandeliers, mirrors, soft suede couches, and charming indoor plants. The Matriarch makes you feel like you’ve walked into Wonderland and that every element has been included purely for your pleasure.

We were greeted at the entrance and escorted to our small table perfect for two. Our waiter was charming and accommodating and made our experience that much more enjoyable. Here’s where the tough part begins though – choosing which of the mouthwatering and aptly named cocktails to try first.

I decided to choose for my friend and surprise her with the only direction being “sweet”. Prickly in Pink immediately stood out with its inclusion of grapefruit for a subtle, yet refreshing citrus twist. Not only did it taste delicious, but it also had a fun interactive element. Your two options: slowly sip on the prosecco as you drink your cocktail, or tip it all in.

Next up was Pretty Mess because I’m a big gin fan, so as soon as I see it on the menu I’m sold. The lollies on top were a nice surprise and very welcome, and the foam was some of the smoothest I’ve ever tried. If I could only use one word to describe the flavour it would be “purple” – don’t ask questions.

Because we like to practice responsible drinking here at Curism (and because we couldn’t help ourselves), we also ordered the Chips Three Ways and the Trio of Sliders. The chips are a combination of curly fries, beer-battered chips, and sweet potato wedges served in something reminiscent of a Harry Potter novel. Sriracha mayonnaise was the clear winner for us but I appreciate there are also some classic aioli fans out there, so I’ll admit it was equally enjoyable.

For our sliders, we chose the halloumi, mushroom, and chicken options out of the five you can pick from (the other two being wagyu beef and pulled pork). Being the resident vegetarian, I was delighted by the juicy field mushroom and perfectly grilled halloumi. I also have it from a trusted source (my friend) that the chicken slider was delicious, with hints of lemongrass and creamy Japanese mayo.

All in all, The Matriarch is highly recommended for your afternoon or evening out, whether it’s for a special occasion or just to make your outing special.

Do you want to know the only downside to our visit? We went just before the release of their new Spring Cocktail Menu and we’re devastated! The menu looks just as delicious as their signatures (don’t worry, you can still purchase the Pretty in Pink and Pretty Mess) and we’ll definitely be back to try a few.

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